Dynamic, joyful and contagiously optimistic, Rashmir is fluent in the language of purpose, creativity and connection. She can take any number of seemingly disparate concepts and weave them into ideas that make light bulbs pop up above the people around her.” — Carolyn Hubbard

Rashmir has spoken at a variety of conferences and events, a variety of business schools, and at various companies and nonprofits, including Microsoft, Startup Washington Launch Party, the Net Impact conference, and more. She enjoys speaking in front of a variety of live and online audiences, large and small, and especially loves interactive workshops that inspire, challenge and build capabilities. 

Contact Rashmir to discuss bringing her to your organisation as a speaker or for a workshop.

Topics include

  • Develop Your Power of Presence
  • In Pursuit of Purpose
  • Creating Space for Stillness and Reflection
  • Creativity: the power of experimentation and learning
  • Co-creating with all your key stakeholders