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Writing about sections is tricky. Some people want to know about my professional background, others prefer a more personal overview. Below I have attempted to give you a a flavour of who I am, how I got here, and some of the key experiences that helped me along the way. 

If there is something in particular you would like to know about, feel free to ask.  

Joy is possible for each and everyone of us: For a long time, I believed that contentment was the best I could hope for. I have since discovered that joy is not only possible for each and everyone of us, it is our birthright. It is a particular form of wisdom and knowing. It is an indicator that we are on purpose. And it is palpable when we are in conscious, creative flow. 

We are all creative, whether we are aware of what and how we are creating or not. Jackson Pollock once stated that "the modern artist... is working and expressing an inner world - in other words - expressing the energy, the motion, and other inner forces." However, when we are unconscious of our inner life, we may inadvertently create exactly what we don't want. I did this - for years! Despite decades of outward success and the appearance of confidence and contentment, I knew something was awry. Nevertheless, it took multiple shocks and obstacles, to wake me up to the reality of what I was inadvertently creating in my life. It was when I finally realised that my ego was getting in the way that I found the courage to look within, to find and pursue the larger purpose and mission I was called to, and to express myself in more authentic ways. 

Look within - the answers are within: Looking within wasn't always easy. It takes courage and discipline. But, the rewards were worth it: I am happier and more alive than ever. The path I chose (there are many paths) continues to evolve. Some of my most profound shifts came initially through silent meditation and working with a coach who helped me reconnect me to my inner wisdom and knowing. I have shed many of the protective masks and beliefs that had kept me feeling invisible, unappreciated and unacknowledged. The peace and stillness were profound. The joy I felt took me by surprise. The compassion, confidence and clarity that emerged continue to be game changing.

Know thyself, love thyself, express thyself: As I began to know myself more fully, I came to see and appreciate my own innate gifts and the multiple ways in which I could contribute to making the world better. As I came to know and appreciate my true essence, others were able to see and appreciate it as well. This in turn brought new opportunities to step up and out, and bring more of myself more fully and more impactfully into the world. 

Begin where you are: I began with a fairly traditional set of choices. My traditional qualifications include an MBA from Yale and a BSc in Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Durham. I now have a diverse professional background that includes finance, investment banking, consulting, teaching, innovation, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. So despite beginning in quite a traditional way, I wasn't able to completely stifle my essence, even when I was trying to fit into other people's boxes and expectations. Perhaps that's why I enjoy helping others escape that trap. 

We all have choices: I have no regrets about my eclectic path. Every choice I made brought new experiences, lessons, skills and opportunities. The traditional roles I have played have enabled me to develop and combine hard, real-world business and strategy skills with my more intuitive and creative gifts and capabilities, expanding the possibilities as I move forward.  

Bridging, transcending and pioneering: I am constantly bridging across cultures, countries, industries and sectors. I am as comfortable working with leaders and investors as with the poorest and most disenfranchised people on our planet. I am most creative when I am transcending traditional perspectives and boundaries. I most enjoy working with people who are forging new paths, and pioneering holistic and transcendent solutions. 

Are you such a pioneer, pathbreaker or bridger?