There are 3 ways to engage Rashmir outside of a specific program. 

1. Thought Partner/Provocateur: Engage Rashmir as a strategic thought partner and provocateur if you or your team needs a fresh perspective, new thinking, a willingness to ask deeper/challenging questions, help uncovering deep assumptions and limiting beliefs, and/or support in launching a new initiative. This could be short term (e.g. a few days), or medium term in duration (3-6 months).

    Example: Rashmir is currently engaged as a Nesta Associate, working with Nesta's People Powered Results Health team in a strategic advisory capacity. 

2. Trainer/Facilitator:  Engage Rashmir to tailor a workshop, e.g. Your Power of Presence or Play, to meet the needs of your team, organisation or community. Alternately, if you have a good basic program in place that is ready to evolve, Rashmir can help inject new ideas and methods to reinvigorate and improve your existing program.    

    Example: Rashmir recently worked as an embedded team member with the Rapid Results Institute to inject new methods into their already powerful 100-Day Initiative, and to advance the sustainability and scalability of the systems and cultural change they were catalysing within the UK health and social system.  

3. Personal Coach/Advisor: Once you have completed an existing program with Rashmir, such as the Higher Purpose program, you may schedule an ad hoc coaching session with Rashmir. These take one of the following forms: (1) Deep Listening sessions are a combination of quiet mindfulness, guided meditation and intuitive questioning designed to help you can reconnect to your deeper self and quietly explore what is wanting to emerge; and (2) Coaching-on-Demand sessions are more traditional coaching sessions in which we will explore whatever is arising for you using a variety of coaching and voice dialogue methods as needed to help you move forward. 

   Client testimonial: "To talk with Rashmir is to talk with a wise elder, a close friend, a mentor, a strategic advisor and also a coach and counsellor - all in one.  Working with her will inspire and uplift you, will enable you to clarify your vision and purpose, will help you access your powerful inner voice and strengths more consistently so that you bring your whole and authentic self into action in the world in a more confident and joyful way. ”  Sandi, social entrepreneur at the intersection of arts & social change

If you would like to explore engaging Rashmir, or want to schedule a Deep Listening or Coaching-on-Demand session, then please contact Rashmir by clicking the link below.