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collaborators, co-creators & clients

Rashmir's collaborators, co-creators and clients are pioneers, pathbreakers and bridgers who recognise that true transformation begins within. They include current and emerging leaders, impact investors, and philanthropists who have succeeded in traditional ways and recognise that new ways of being and doing are now needed and emerging in the world.  

Whether they need a thought-partner, strategic counsel, a safe place to reflect and reconnect to their deepest selves, or support in some other way, they are each, in their own way, creating the new. 

In their own words...

"I cannot recommend highly enough the wisdom, presence, and thoughtfulness with which Rashmir leads in her coaching.  Through her helpful guidance and compassionate listening, a new way forward emerged."  

Joe, thought leader, social entrepreneur, and pioneer of the science of culture design, USA

“I met Rashmir at Seattle’s inaugural #SocEnt Weekend, which she co-led and her firm, Nsansa, co-produced. The purpose of the event was to engage fledgling social entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into real-life businesses. Though they didn’t know each other before the weekend, these would-be entrepreneurs worked together in teams to develop a business case, scope the market opportunity, produce a minimally-viable product, create financial models and pitch their case to a panel of local venture capitalists. All in a 50-hour weekend (shower & sleep optional). 

Rashmir created the environment that shaped their success.  She brought together experts from the start-up community, as well as global development professionals and business leaders to provide mentoring support throughout the weekend.  As a mentor, I was awed by her ability to engage team-members who were unfamiliar with each other, help them align toward a common vision, and work synergistically on strategy, business modeling and tactical delivery simultaneously. And, she did it all with grace.  

Rashmir epitomizes blended leadership – that unique combination of head and heart that guides and inspires all to succeed.”

Lynann Bradbury, Strategic Communications, Technology & Global Development, USA

“It’s been difficult to pinpoint the specific “takeaways” that have resulted from my coaching sessions with Rashmir. I’ve struggled with this because I know the conversations have been high value and that I have made actionable steps as a result of them. After really focusing on this, I realized that one of the reasons it’s been hard to name “takeaways” is because I’ve come to own them so deeply that I’ve tended to forget their source. Being someone who likes to give credit where credit is due, this is embarrassing. It’s also highly complimentary of the training skill of Rashmir…to paraphrase Lao Tzu, “the best coaches facilitate in such a way that, at the end of the change, the entrepreneur will say–”I have done it myself!”

Among the many ideas I’ve implemented that I can now look back and attribute to specific conversations with Rashmir, two stand out. First is the need to be constantly driven to test assumptions in tangible ways–try to create physical tests that elicit visible and measurable reactions. For my business this means using the physical space in a way that challenges the users and see what set-up drives collaboration and energy. A second takeaway is the importance of team–it’s an obvious maxim, but I have truly struggled to realize that what differentiates great organizations is almost always the strength of the team and not any one individual. While I tend to a heavy lifting approach and an “I’ll do it” attitude, this has come at the cost of a vibrant team that feels fully engaged in the process and knowledgeable about the goals we’re shooting for.

Rashmir has spoken, modeled, and influenced me to begin to shift from being a leader constantly putting out fires to growing roots with my team. It’s a process that I’m smack in the middle of, but am able to recognize the landscape partially as a result of her help.”

Brian, Co-founder, Hub Seattle

"There is something intangible yet profound about Rashmir's leadership and her ability to usher you through something without pushing or pulling. I've worked with other coaches, and I still get confused about coaching vs therapy vs goal setting and all that, but working with Rashmir has helped me to see, understand and create real change in my life- in my work and in my work-life balance, and also to take my strengths and talents seriously."

Sandi, social entrepreneur at the intersection of arts and social change, USA

“Working with Rashmir has been an incredible investment in myself. Rashmir has challenged me to take my gifts and my work in the world seriously. She has encouraged me to expand my vision and step fully into it. She is supportive, and helps keep me accountable when I get off track. Yet she is sensitive to the emotional and energetic aspects that change and transformation entail and that are periodically triggered or hold me back. 

It is a delight to have found a deeply intuitive and conscious visionary with a sharp, strategic business mind. I have made several business and personal breakthroughs over the last few months, and firmly believe that Rashmir is exactly the kind of coach we need in these changing times, to help individuals and organisations, bring purpose and compassion to business and society.”

Marie-Claire, new paradigm healer and entrepreneur, UK

“I met Rashmir when she was at the Gates Foundation and did some work with my company, Cascade Designs. I really valued her insights and was looking for ways to do my job better, so when she founded Nsansa I hired her to coach me. Rashmir encourages self-awareness. As a result I’ve learned to pay attention to my instincts. With her help, I’ve become better at actively noticing the cues around me instead of just focusing on the goal at hand. If something’s not working, I can catch it sooner, and address it right away.

Most of my colleagues are male, and Rashmir is a strong female mentor. She’s been able to point out gender differences in communication, and brought perspective and confidence to my work. My team has improved because of it. I’m progressing within my company, and Rashmir deserves some credit for that.

A big impact she’s had on me is to get me to discover books that can give me concentrated information on business. I have a science background, so I don’t have the business basics my colleagues do. Now I’m always looking for my next book. Rashmir and I will have a session, and then the light bulbs will go off afterwards while I’m listening to an audiobook. I look forward to continuing to work with her, and to bringing her skills into my company – I’ve had visions of other things she can do for us!”

Laura, Project Manager and Environmental Engineer Cascade Designs, USA