Considering Collective Ego

Groups/crowds/teams/organisations/collectives have egos and pain bodies, just as people do. This is why crowds can do unspeakable things that many of the individuals within it would never dream of doing. It is not all bad of course. Group fields can reach transcendent levels. Remember when you were part of a group that seems in wondrous synch, that flowed, was fun, and was super creative...?

What level of conscious awareness is in your group/team/organisation operating at? What level of ego and pain body identification is prevalent? (Note, it will most likely be lower than the level exhibited by each member.)

Every interaction you have has the potential to affect the group ego and pain body. 

What does this awareness prompt in you? How might this knowledge change how you interpret group behaviours, and how you engage with your groups? How might you elevate the overarching level of group conscious awareness? How might you elevate the group field? (Hint: it might not be about "doing".)

(For further reading on egos and pain bodies: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle).