Clarity of purpose is perhaps the single most important thing for project success. 

How clear is your project purpose?

1. Are you clear on the larger purpose your project serves?

2. Are all the core team members clear on and aligned around the larger purpose your project serves?

3. Are all your key stakeholders clear on and aligned around the larger purpose your project serves?

4. Are there simple & effective mechanisms in place to keep the larger purpose top of mind on a day to day basis?

5. Are your strategies, plans, processes and structures flexible enough to allow team members and stakeholders to be creative and entrepreneurial in ways that further the realization of the project purpose?

Request support on project purpose

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I was awed by Rashmir’s ability to engage team-members who were unfamiliar with each other, help them align toward a common vision and purpose, and then enable them to work synergistically on strategy, business modeling and tactical delivery simultaneously. And, she did it all with grace. Rashmir epitomizes blended leadership – that unique combination of head and heart that guides and inspires all to succeed.
— Lynann BradburyStrategic Communications,Technology & Global Development