welcome to Play Time!

Play is essential to learning and creativity, to our social connectivity, and to our happiness and wellbeing. But is also more than that! It is simply fun in it's own right! Yet most have us have either forgotten how to play, become too serious, or just don't let ourselves play.

 What? This short program is designed to prompt you play more. You already know how. Play is innate. So in this highly experimental program, you'll rediscover what play is to you, and what types of play you most enjoy.  

When? This prototype program begins on March 1st and ends on March 31st. 

How? You will receive a variety of play prompts and exercises throughout March. And I will be available during the program for email check ins and consultations. 

Remember To Play

Ready to play?

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If you haven't experienced a teaching or coaching program with me or have questions about the program, let me know by contacting me here