Seeing as a gateway

What do you see around you? 

We are so bombarded with sights and sounds, that we have become accustomed to blocking out much that is around us, focusing narrowly as we rush about our day, and not focusing as we let go and try to relax. 

Today notice how you are seeing, and what you are seeing and not seeing. Widen your gaze, narrow your gaze, widen it again ..., playing with your vision until you have a sense of how it shifts and changes with attention, focus, busyness and stress. 

Then, from time to time during your day, notice what is drawing your attention. Take time to really look at it. Examine it visually. Keep looking. Notice the details. Keep looking. Noticing the aspects that are less evident. Keep looking. Keep noticing beyond what is obvious and evident. Be present with it without expectation or judgement. Allow it to become fully present in your awareness.

Keep looking until you can see beyond the form, to its deeper essence.