What is your intention for this week? 

Listen in. Let it light you up from the inside.

Then express it as clearly and specifically as you can, and put it where you will see it everyday.

The Inner Landscape

Sometimes I feel like I am still twenty, even though my body has aged. Yet when I glimpse the inner landscape, that’s when I know, I have changed. Life has been lived, and I am (and I hope others are) all the richer for it. 

How has your inner landscape changed?

Vision and Perspective

From what perspective are you seeing things? (Be it your life, your work, your project, your task, your relationship(s), your family, your community, your country, what is happening in the world….) 

Do you have a narrow focus or a wide lens? Are you caught up in the details and/or able to see the larger the whole? Are you fixated on the most tangible forms and/or have a sense of the subtler shifts and changes and trends? 

Can you see what is happening at multiple levels? Can you sense what is wanting to emerge?