This program is designed to help you live and work with purpose and joy by bringing you greater confidence, clarity of purpose, wholeness, connectedness and joy. Once you've completed a program, you can return to the tools and strategies you learn through the programs whenever you feel prompted to shift to a new level of being and a new level of living and working with purpose and joy.  

Photo by Evgeny Sergeev/iStock / Getty Images

True Purpose™  is currently available in 2 formats. 

(1) A 14-week small group program

(2) A 3-4 month individual coaching program

It is for leaders who are ready to learn their True Purpose™ and step more fully and confidently into the world. You will: 

  • Learn to connect clearly and usefully to your sources of inner wisdom
  • Identify and transcend the fears and beliefs that hold you back
  • Gain clarity on your purpose and next steps
  • Expand your confidence