Learn your higher purpose

Lead with Purpose, Presence, Peace and Joy

A one-on-one coaching program

One on one coaching

“I cannot recommend highly enough the wisdom, presence, and thoughtfulness with which Rashmir leads in her coaching.  She came into my life during a period of murkiness when I was unable to find my way forward on my own.  Through her helpful guidance and compassionate listening, a new way forward emerged.  What she’s doing is truly a breath of fresh air for socially-minded business and civic leaders!”

Joe Brewer, Co-Founder of Co-Founder at Evonomics Magazine, and Culture Editor of The Evolution Institute 


This is a structured, yet flexible, coaching program that will enable you to:

  • Get clear on your higher purpose
  • Connect powerfully to your inner wisdom and higher guidance
  • Identify and transcend the fears and beliefs that stop you back from bringing your whole self to your work, fully and powerfully expressing yourself and having the impact that only you can in the world
  • Get clear on your next steps, so you can move forward purposefully, strategically and joyfully, confident in your ability to overcome challenges and obstacles on your path to success
  • More confidently and courageously advance your mission and purpose in the world
  • Learn processes and tools that will help you live and lead with greater purpose, presence, peace and joy


This program is for people who have already done some inner work and have a contemplative practice - however irregular, who are yearning for greater purpose in their lives and work. It is for people who feel called to a higher purpose, but can't quite figure out what that purpose is, and for those who get in their own way. It is for pioneers who are ready to bring their whole selves - head, heart & soul, to their work, and who recognise that a new way of being and working is essential for a better world for all. 


The Learn Your Higher Purpose program is based on Tim Kelley's True Purpose® methodology and Carl Jung's work on individuation and the psyche. It also draws on a variety of other development and coaching methodologies. During the program, Rashmir will guide you through a 5-phase process that has been developed and proven by Tim Kelley with hundreds of leaders and change agents around the world. 

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Be clear on your higher purpose
  • Have a stronger connection to your inner wisdom and higher guidance
  • Have worked through some of the fears and beliefs that hold you back 
  • Be clear on your next steps, so you can move forward purposefully, strategically and joyfully
  • Have a set of tools and processes that will enable you to more confidently and courageously advance your purpose in the world

The program includes:

  • Twelve to fifteen 60-90 minute live coaching calls with Rashmir over a 3-5 month period, moving at a pace that feels optimal for you (the exact number of coaching sessions depends on how quickly you advance with your purpose, with most people completing the program in 12 sessions)
  • Step by step guidance through the True Purpose® process, with allowance for deeper explorations in areas that you want and need extra support
  • Active coaching as needed to help you optimise the outcomes from the program, drawing on Rashmir's coaching and strategic skills
  • Unlimited email access to Rashmir to discuss and explore any questions you may have during the program
  • A variety of tools and exercises that you can use on your own in the future, whenever you are ready for the next level
  • Three 30-minute check in calls with Rashmir in the 3 months after you've completed the program to help you keep moving forward purposefully


This program is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a recommended range of £1000 (under £85 a session) to £2000.


Please contact Rashmir to learn more about the 4 key elements of Higher Purpose, to discuss the program, and to determine whether this program is right for you at this time. 


lead with purpose, presence, Peace and joy