Act from Your Aliveness

Most of us look deeply within ourselves intermittently - in times of crisis, at times of loss, or when we feel called. In these moments, we feel a stronger connection to our true selves. 

What if we could access our deeper selves daily? What if it didn't require a crisis or major loss? What would your life look like if you were doing what makes you come alive?

I invite you to enroll in this no cost 7-day email journey designed to bring you into closer contact with your authentic self.

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Day 1- Reflect on who you are and where you are
Day 2- Explore your inspiration and excitement
Day 3- Connect to what makes you come alive
Day 4- Love yourself and notice what you love
Day 5- Dream and welcome your aspirations
Day 6- Decide and take action
Day 7- Celebrate 

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